I write and read to find joy, be challenged, and glimpse the divine Life behind life. My books are about living with purpose and grace, finding and expressing a sacred core, and also about having fun. Thanks for visiting. Enjoy!


My latest novel: CHANGE OR DIE

Cat fights for her soul, and then her life, when her search for the divine and a free, clean, limitless energy source pits her against a charismatic but shady quantum physicist, the malicious Consortium, and her own shadow. “A spiritual thriller with heart, soul, and humor,” says Adair Lara, author of Naked, Drunk, and Writing.

Cat has everything—a condo on the ocean in San Francisco, a booming career, a great backhand—but she is losing her sanity and her soul. The one thing she has wanted all her life is slipping away, an intimate connection with Spirit, the Divine Mind from which the universe is shaped. (read more)