This site is about writing with freedom, ease, and joy.

It’s about tapping into that transendent place we call the Zone, and letting our writing be what it truly is–a natural expresson of the thoughts, feelings, and inspirations that move within us.

My blog, WRITE IN THE ZONE, and editorial and consulting services are for writers who want to open up the channel, have more fun, be more productive, and let it rip.

Please pick up your free copy of my new ebook, Creativity on Demand: Write in the Zone, by clicking the image in the sidebar. I hope you enjoy it, and I look forward to being in touch.

Carol Costello

Creativity on Demand: Write in the Zone

Is your book still sitting in the computer, instead of thriving on Amazon or in a bookstore?

Creativity on Demand shows how even a naturally lazy, anxious person like myself learned to write in the Zone, on demand, even on a deadline. That skill—and it was a learned skill—changed everything. It helped me make my living as a freelance writer for 40 years without getting crazy. I just had to remember to take a deep breath, call on that transcendent spark, and be very grateful.

The Zone is that luscious place of focused, spontaneous, and relaxed concentration in which we feel imaginative, clear, energized, creative, and hugely productive. Words pour out of us. Thoughts and ideas bubble forth from somewhere within that we can’t clearly define.

This book is about developing and nurturing your unique relationship with the Zone, and your particular way of using it. It includes:

• How to tap into your natural creativity and create your personal Zone—and how to get it back when you lose it
• 3 Secret Strategies for finishing your book
• How to recognize Zone-Blockers like distractions, The Grey Fuzz, and Dark Fears—and how to bust them
• Practical tricks like using the organized, left brain to get your creative, right brain into gear

The Zone is not for special people, or radically talented people, or even good people. It’s for all of us. It is our birthright, if we take a little time to master accessing it. All we need is a little self- knowledge, some gentle discipline, and some of the many tricks in this book.

I believe that each of us has something to give the world, something that comes from deep within us. When we don’t express ourselves with that art, we suffer. When we bring what we love into the world and share it with others, we are living as our highest selves.

That experience is available to anyone who reaches out for it.

WP Setup Joy

I am proud to be an affiliate of the easiest, fastest, most humane way to create and master a WordPress site.

I have never been an affiliate for anything—and never dreamed of being one until I found the wonderful women at SiteSetupKit.

This program is the real deal. Wendy and Pamela are building it on a foundation of quality information and extraordinary service to customers. They always ask what they can do better.

When I decided to create this blog and site, I knew nothing except that it should be on WordPress. My eyes rolled back in my head when I first saw the dashboard! I took a WordPress class, and staggered away more confused than ever.

I coughed up the money for someone to create my site ($350+). It was a terrible experience. Worse, I couldn’t “work” the site myself. If I saw a comma out of place, or wanted to add something, or learned a new and better way to market—I had to call that web designer, wait until she got back to me, pay her a small fortune, and hope she got it right.

After a month, I saw that this was no way to live. I had to learn WordPress, after all.

Just then, I came across SiteSetupKit. I watched the hour-long video that you will see (with no obligation) if you click through the link above or here.

I thought to myself, “These women aren’t slick, like so many ‘website helpers.’ They genuinely want to deliver a quality product, and know that’s the best way to build a successful business. They are smart cookies, and I bet they bend over backward to make it work for people!”

I was right.

I knew nothing when I signed up. This program guided me step-by-step, at my own pace, with all my questions answered, through creating a WordPress site that I love. I’m the master of the site, and can change it any time I wish.

Literally hundreds of people have asked me to be in their “downline” or affiliate programs over the years, and I have always said no. I was the one who asked Wendy and Pamela if I could join.

Check out the video. Even if you don’t feel like signing up, you will have learned a lot about WordPress. If you do sign up, you will never regret it.

About Carol

Being in the Zone, in that sparkling state of focused flow, makes both our writing and our lives better.

I have made my living as a freelance writer for 40 years as an investigative reporter, marketing copywriter, acquisitions and developmental editor, ghostwriter of 30 books including 2 bestsellers, and author of The Soul of Selling, Chasing Grace: A Novel of Odd Redemption, Creativity on Demand: Write in the Zone, and Sell Yourself Without Feeling Pushy, Creepy, or WEIRD!

For me, there has been no more valuable skill than knowing how to call forth the Zone and write from that place at will. Mastering the Zone has made me a happy, productive writer and allowed me to support myself doing what I love.

Everybody can find easy, natural ways to write. I believe that the more of us who are out there writing in the Zone, and the more that people become interested in writing in the Zone, and the better we all write. My hope is that this site and my blog, WRITE IN THE ZONE, become a hub for Zone-y writers.

I have another site that reflects my experience with selling in a way that guarantees top results, serves people, and feeds your soul. Please check it out at www.soulofselling.com.

I live in San Francisco across the street from the ocean with Frankie and Flynnie, two of the biggest, smoochiest orange tabby kitties west of the Mississippi. I feel blessed to have traveled the world and studied meditation and the Vedanta since 1980.

Last year, I published my first novel, Chasing Grace: A Novel of Odd Redemption. Life changed at that point. Some struggle lifted. I felt a deeper, stronger flow of grace and appreciation. All my life, I had wanted to write a novel—and then I did. That’s an experience I want for anyone who has ever dreamed of writing a book.

Thanks for stopping by. Be well, write on, and keep flowing in the Zone!