About Carol

Being in the Zone, in that sparkling state of focused flow, makes both our writing and our lives better.

I have made my living as a freelance writer for 40 years as an investigative reporter, marketing copywriter, acquisitions and developmental editor, ghostwriter of 30 books including 2 bestsellers, and author of The Soul of Selling, Chasing Grace: A Novel of Odd Redemption, Creativity on Demand: Write in the Zone, and Sell Yourself Without Feeling Pushy, Creepy, or WEIRD!

For me, there has been no more valuable skill than knowing how to call forth the Zone and write from that place at will. Mastering the Zone has made me a happy, productive writer and allowed me to support myself doing what I love.

Everybody can find easy, natural ways to write. I believe that the more of us who are out there writing in the Zone, and the more that people become interested in writing in the Zone, and the better we all write. My hope is that this site and my blog, WRITE IN THE ZONE, become a hub for Zone-y writers.

I have another site that reflects my experience with selling in a way that guarantees top results, serves people, and feeds your soul. Please check it out at www.soulofselling.com.

I live in San Francisco across the street from the ocean with Frankie and Flynnie, two of the biggest, smoochiest orange tabby kitties west of the Mississippi. I feel blessed to have traveled the world and studied meditation and the Vedanta since 1980.

Last year, I published my first novel, Chasing Grace: A Novel of Odd Redemption. Life changed at that point. Some struggle lifted. I felt a deeper, stronger flow of grace and appreciation. All my life, I had wanted to write a novel—and then I did. That’s an experience I want for anyone who has ever dreamed of writing a book.

Thanks for stopping by. Be well, write on, and keep flowing in the Zone!