If you are thinking, wondering, wishing, or worrying about writing a book, then my message is simple: Finish that book now! It is yours to create and contribute.

The good news: You don’t have to do it alone! Getting support may be the first step in making your book a reality.

I love helping people find their own personal Zone and bring their books into the world. My experience as independent publisher, acquisitions and developmental editor, book doctor, coach, author, and ghostwriter of 30 books (including two national bestsellers) gives me four ways to support people:

We work together one-to-one in the service of your book—developing its shape and structure, keeping it on track, nudging it toward its best self, and finishing in a way that draws the widest possible audience.

I read your fiction or nonfiction manuscript and offer 4-5 pages of input and suggestions on structure, character, style, and other aspects of a successful book.

You have a nonfiction manuscript that, as one of my clients put it, “wants to go to charm school.” Book doctoring may involve anything from smoothing out the book’s edges, to deep editing, to complete restructuring.

I am the “writer behind the writer” of thirty nonfiction books, including two best sellers. I write the book you would have written, recreating your voice and style. My goal is to bring your book’s sparkle to the surface and to showcase its value and contribution based on 35 years in the publishing industry as an acquisitions and developmental editor, book doctor, ghostwriter, and author of The Soul of Selling and Chasing Grace: A Novel of Odd Redemption.

I don’t just work with words; I work with people. I find out what my clients wants to accomplish with their books, and shape the books to produce those specific results. My specialties are personal growth, how to, business, creativity, memoir, spirituality, psychology, and motivation.

We can start at any point—a gleam in your eye, some notes, an outline, or a complete book that can get better.  I charge a flat rate, with no residuals, co-authorship or percentages. The book, the rights, the money it earns, and the public relations benefits all go solely to you. I can usually complete a book in 3-4 months.

Why ghostwriting? A book gives you tremendous credibility and media access, but not everyone knows how to put together a bestselling book quickly, painlessly, and well. I don’t rotate my own tires, and you don’t need to take time and energy away from your work to struggle with a manuscript. Let me do it for you in a way that is professional, efficient, and inspired.

Clients: My clients are speakers and leaders of all kinds, entrepreneurs, coaches, therapists, and just plain folks who have a message to share with the world, but who don’t have the time or inclination to master the art of writing a potentially bestselling nonfiction book. I maintain my clients’ confidentiality, but references are available on request.

For a free consultation on your book and how we might best work together, CONTACT ME HERE.